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North Dakota CTE’s Professional Development Conference

North Dakota CTE's Professional Development Conference - BeatSaber

North Dakota Career & Technical Education’s annual Professional Development Conference was held on August 8-10th at the Bismarck Event Center. The event featured industry round table discussions, workshop sessions, networking, exhibits, and more. Educators, counselors, faculty, and other CTE champions were present for all of the fun and learning. Our amazing friends at EduTech were amongst the attendees and helped with our exhibit booth and informational sessions.

On Tuesday, Lynn and Maddy joined Matt at the event center. The drive to Bismarck meant the duo had to make an early departure, but they made it just in time for the majority of the day’s action. Meanwhile, Matt took part in an industry round table and had meaningful discussions with other leaders and attendees. The booth had a steady stream of curious folks pass to ask questions, try on the VR headset, and grab some water balloons for the road (don’t worry, they were unfilled)!

As Lynn was exploring the show floor, they saw quite the spread of booths. There were state entities, colleges, and other cool education technologies and solutions. One especially caught their eye, a booth taking free headshots for attendees. After asking for permission, Maddy and Lynn posed with the VR sets we had at our booth. Shoutout to Clint and Leslie from the Photography Department at the Dakota College at Bottineau for taking and editing the amazing 80’s inspired photo above. Not meaning to brag, but it’s highly possible that it was the best headshot of the day.

North Dakota CTE's Professional Development Conference

One of the highlights of the event was Matt’s featured session on Tuesday, titled “CareerViewXR: Exploring Careers in Virtual Reality”. He shared his first experience with VR, the Nintendo Virtual Boy. We were happy to share that our current state of virtual reality has much more to offer than the Virtual Boy’s simple monochrome games. We answered questions and got input on what tours the attendees thought should be captured for CareerViewXR. Amongst the recommendations were lineman, underwater welder, video game developer, and agriculture-related careers. We have added them to the idea book for the future! If you can provide a shooting location or have a contact for anyone in any one of these careers, please reach out. We’re always looking to form production partner relationships.

Thank you to all who attended Matt’s talks and stopped by the booth. It was great to meet new people and reconnect with people the team already knew. Keep an eye out for us at similar events in the future. We wish all those involved in education a great new school year!

Michael Bush

Creative Lead

Maddysen Boecker

Maddy has a variety of creative experience under her belt from over the past few years and enjoys learning new things. She has been involved in video and podcast editing, copywriting, email campaigns, social media management, website design, and more. Her experience and understanding of many aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production helps her be an asset for the team at any stage.
B.S. Animation, minors in Film Production and Graphic Communication – MSUM May 2020
Member of Team BMC since April 2022
Primary Roles:
  • Highlights company news through email and social media campaigns
  • Composes unique and thoughtful copy for blogs, press releases, and other needs
  • Assists in the creation of flyers, ads, and other collateral.

Kryss Geray

Kryss has worked in several different industries, including as a test engineer at a local Fargo company.  As a test engineer, she helped with quality assurance to ensure all products met the highest standards, tested and documented all products, and collaborated on more effective and efficient ways of completing these tasks. She is proud to have worked on agricultural equipment such as acoustic material flow sensors and electronic motor and hydraulic controls, along with aviation equipment such as the Stratus ADS-B Receivers, and recoverable data modules.
Member of Team BMC since March 2022
Primary Roles:
  • Oversees initial processing of all 360° media
  • Provides quality assurance for 360° photos and video content
  • Proofreads tour content meticulously

Michael Bush

Creative Lead

Drew Swenson

Drew is a passionate media enthusiast and self-proclaimed audiophile and cinephile. His creative journey spans music, podcasts, experimental video, film photography, and 3D printed Polaroids. Initially studying musical theatre at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Drew discovered media production in his upperclassman years. He is half the creative force behind the band Hawthorne Park, created NDSU’s SODAA “Reviewable Content,” a free content library  with over 100 videos, and hosted the podcast Quarantine Soup.

A licensed drone pilot, Drew brings a unique aerial perspective to his projects and actively contributes to the local film community as a member of The North Dakota Film Society. Venturing into Virtual Reality (VR), Drew continually pushes the boundaries of his creative expression.

B.F.A. Musical Theater, minor in Media Production – UWSP May 2018
Member of Team BMC since August 2021
Primary Roles: 
  • Leads direction for all 360° media scouting trips and shoots
  • Supervises production team
  • Oversees creation of audio assets
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment R&D


Creative Lead

Michael Bush

B.A. 2D/3D Animation – MSUM May 2020
Member of Team BMC since February 2021
Primary Roles:
  • Dynamically animates in 2D and 3D
  • Meticulously designs UI and UX elements
  • Formulates graphics for print and web use
  • Champions XR research & development
  • Guides efforts of the creative team

Matt Chaussee

Matt is the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Be More Colorful. He has extensive experience in technical services administration, higher education, teaching, and technology training initiatives. While Matt’s role is primarily focused on business development and outreach, he is a self-professed lifelong learner who feels he has found his life’s calling in being able to learn about, explore, and share the amazing diversity of careers available to students today.
B.S. Mathematics minor Music and Psychology – NDSU December 2005
Masters of Business Administration – NDSU May 2009
Cofounded Team BMC in August 2016
Primary Roles:
  • Spearheads business development
  • Nurtures sales efforts
  • Amplifies community outreach
  • Coordinates workflow development

Katie Chaussee

Majority Owner, Co-Founder, Chief Administrative Officer
Katie is the Chief Administrative Officer and majority owner of Be More Colorful. She has a strong background in customer service and a keen eye for creating captivating visuals, both defining characteristics of the company. Katie was Be More Colorful’s first VR photographer and has served the company as an image processor, experience builder, and quality assurance specialist. In her current role, Katie is the key administrator for Be More Colorful’s in-office operations where she works to adapt and refine workflows for a talented team of creative professionals.
B.S. Psychology minor Art – NDSU May 2003
Cofounded Team BMC in August 2016
Primary Roles:
  • Coordinates workflow development
  • Oversees various aspects of office management
  • Manages various purchasing decisions
  • Maintains HR and payroll functions
  • Formulates creative marketing ideas

Michael Bush

Creative Lead