Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau

Having a virtual tour of our visitor's center is a great asset to have in today's digital world. Be More Colorful was great to work with on this project. They were efficient with their time on location and open to ideas or changes during the process. It's fantastic to have this service provided locally and I look forward to recommending Be More Colorful to our tourism stakeholders.
Nicole Holden, Director of Marketing

Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County

Be More Colorful is helping the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County create more inclusive and accessible attractions for our community, bringing perspectives and experiences to people who might not otherwise have the option. I've seen how their work can apply to museums, art galleries, and historic sites; and that work will play a larger role there moving forward.
Davin Wait, Communications Coordinator

Front Street Taproom

We used Be More Colorful services at our taproom, and it was an easy, affordable process, and now we have a great virtual tour to show off on our website and Google Maps profile. Highly recommended!
Aaron Templin, Owner/Manager

Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch

We used Be More Colorful last fall to help show how much stuff we had to offer at the Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch and they did such a wonderful job. They were very flexible with our schedule and the final product turned out great. Recommended for sure!
Michael Halvorson, Owner

Bar Mon Cher, New Orleans, LA

Innovative and creative! Hope to see more and more!
Miss Jeanette Jinx, Owner